Wednesday, May 16, 2012

S.S. UGANDA Cruise Personal Log, Thirteenth Day

As I don't actually remember the day trip to Itea, Delphi, I thought I'd post a few photos taken from the web.  Itea is so exquisite, so unbelievably beautiful that I'm sickened by my lackadaisical attitude.  Please enjoy the photos while picturing a big bunch of uniformed English schoolgirls, nonchalantly ambling through this scenic loveliness and allowing their juvenile disregard, their shocking indifference, to swallow the moment whole without tasting a single morsel.

I suppose, in recalling my own adolescent apathy, it's also a chance to extend a little empathy to the lethargic teen I may meet later today...


  1. Thank you! Dimitrios Koutrolikos from Itea Greece.

  2. You are welcome! My visit was over 40 years ago...I do hope I have a chance to visit again some day...