Tuesday, May 1, 2012

S. S. Uganda Cruise Personal Log, First Day

I'm finally working through personal papers brought to the US after the 2007 sale of our family home.  I recently shared Mum's first letter to me when I was on a school cruise around the Mediterranean.  I've now found my log book which we were encouraged (forced) to complete during our time on board; and thank goodness we were encouraged (forced) to do this as the results of my early teenage ramblings make for entertaining reading.  I've left all spelling and punctuation as written.  Please note the strange formal style as if I am the captain of my own ship.  Indeed Captain James Tiberius Kirk comes to mind...

Log Book for Cruise # 255
Sailing from Southampton on October 26, 1971
Calling at: Gibraltar, Heraklion (Knossos), Santorini, Piraeus (Athens,) Itea (Delphi), and Venice.

Bernadette Nason, Age 14,
Winchester County High School for Girls, Party Letter D

Bound from Southampton to Gibraltar

Personal Log: First Day

Having been shown onto the ship, we climbed down what seemed hundreds of stairs carrying a heavy suitcase and we were shown our dormitories.  They were not as large as I had expected them to be but they were soon found to be quite cosy.

Soon afterwards we were sent to muster stations and shown how to put on a lifebelt which was not very interesting although obviously necessary.

We were told the meals would be "ghastly" but under the circumstances, I thought they were very good.

After muster stations we had an introductory talk given by our "headmaster" -- Mr. Harris.

1200 - 1600 Afternoon Watch: we saw an aeroplane that was built to carry a nuclear bomb.

We then proceeded to tea which, again, was quite satisfying, and after which, we prepared for the dance later.  We went to bed at 9:30 but I didn't sleep until much later.

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