Saturday, May 5, 2012

S.S. UGANDA Cruise Personal Log, Fifth Day

First notable thing: the honeymoon period is over.  I no longer like the food, I complain about lessons, and don't even attempt P.E.  The loudspeaker bell annoys me, I don't enjoy the film, I just want to go to the dance.  And lo!  A stereotypical teenager appears before your eyes!  I have time to shower and wash my hair for the evening (we had to dress formally for dinner, like on TITANIC) yet no time for the scrapbook.  I still have it - "scrap" is right.  Our reluctance to start it is compounded by our obvious lack of effort in its execution.  I don't know if we handed it in for marking but if so, I'm sure the remarks read, "Badly written, poorly constructed, and disgracefully presented.  Utter rubbish."  I attach below a photo of the ship so you can see how amazing it is that I, a mere 14 year-old, am guiding this vessel across the Mediterranean single-handed.

Gibraltar - Heraklion

Personal Log: Fifth Day

I don't think I have ever got up so early on a Saturday, and I know that I have never had lessons on a Saturday.  This morning, Alison and I started the scrapbook that we thought we would never start.

In the afternoon we had inter-dormitory deckgames competitions.  Being lazy, I didn't volunteer for anything, and surprisingly, I didn't get dragged into anything.  Considering I wasn't actually in any activity, I think I managed to keep myself fairly well occupied.  I went from game to game just watching and cheering.

Earlier on, we had a lecture on the Minoen Civilization which I found rather boring, being tired anyway.

Having some time to spare I had a shower and hairwash so that I could look pleasant at the dance later on.  I saw a bit of 'The Aristocats' firstly then went on to the dance.  I have decided that either I have changed or the quality of the meals is decreasing and I find the loudspeaker bell extremely annoying.

Navigational Log:
0001-0400 Middle Watch
0100 Gears tested with controls.  0140 Pilot on board.  Station called fore and aft.  01:50 Singled up to 2 lines and 1 spring fore and aft.  01:54 vessel turning short found to port.  0300 Rounding Europa point and setting an easterly course for Heraklion.

0400-0800 Morning Watch
07:32 Sunrise

0800-1200 Forenoon Watch
Cape Sabinal passed to Port

1200-1600 Afternoon Watch
Vessel passing Pelaoa point to port

1600-2000 Dog Watches
18:08 Sunset.  Vessel position checked by celestial observation.

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