Monday, May 7, 2012

S.S. UGANDA Cruise Personal Log, Seventh Day

Monday 7 May 2012

S.S. UGANDA Cruise Personal Log, Seventh Day

I took few photos and those I took were awful, not just because I was inexperienced but because my camera was an el cheapo piece of crap.  Not surprising I couldn't buy more film.  How could my mother afford pocket money when she could barely afford the cruise? -- a single mum of three kids before that was common.  I'm eternally grateful for the importance she gave travel and education.  I didn't know, as we passed the coastline of north Africa, what a big part it would play in my future.  Nor did I know, as we passed Valletta, the capital of Malta, that my paternal grandfather was buried there.  He died in rough seas in 1932 while trying to rescue his best friend; both drowned.  The Royal Marines buried him with full honors.  Many years later, my sister and I visited his grave to pay our respects.  On a lighter note, I now wonder if all the deck games were actually a ruse to ensure we were perpetually tired!

Gibraltar - Heraklion

Personal Log: Seventh Day

The weather today was beautiful but not as nice as yesterday.  Firstly we went to lessons where I practically got my scrapbook up to date.  Following this was private study during which I wrote some postcards.  I am finding myself with less and less English money to use on board.  After break we had a lecture on Athens in the assembly hall.  I don't seem to be capable of staying awake during lectures because I am always so tired!  After lunch, lessons started late because we were passing the islands of Gozo on one side and Malta on the other.  I didn't take any photographs because I didn't have much film left and due to my shortage of money, I couldn't afford to buy another one.  When the commentry finished we all went back to the classroom for the next lesson.  Deck games followed this and we played deck cricket which turned out to be quite enjoyable.  We played an inter-dorm game of hockey which we won and for the evening entertainment we had an inter-dorm horse race in which we came fourth.  I was very tired I went to bed, even though I retired early.

Navigational Log:
0100 Vessel passing Tunis to starboard.  0200 Rounding Cape Bon altered course 115 deg. for Malta.

0400-0800 Morning Watch
0700 Sunrise.  Navigation lights off.

1200-1600 Afternoon Watch
1315 Vessel to commanders order -- hand steering.  1400 Vessel passing Gozo to port.  1415 Vessel slowing down to pass through the Comino channal.  1420 Vessel clear of channal, increase to normal service speed.  1500 Vessel passing Valletta to starboard.  1515 Set course 091 deg. for Heraklion.

1600-2000 Dog Watches
1735 Sunset.  Navigation lights on.  Lookouts posted.  1800 Vessel position checked by celestial observations.

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