Tuesday, May 8, 2012

S.S. UGANDA Cruise Personal Log, Eighth Day

Not much to note except that I mention a boy by name: Chris Tucker.  Who?!  The African-American actor wasn't even born until the following year.  I didn't know any boys when I joined the ship.  We barely mixed outside our school circle during the day so I must've met him at one of the dances though I was so shy then, I can't imagine myself starting a conversation with anyone, let alone a boy.  I am now convinced the deck games were designed to wear us out completely so we didn't have the energy to misbehave!

Gibraltar - Heraklion

Personal Log: Eighth Day

I woke up this morning feeling very tired, more tired than I have been so far.  The sea was very choppy and rocked the boat violently.  First, we had private study during which I had to go on deck because I felt so sick.  Then we had a life boat drill.  This was what I needed to wake me.  We looked like drunks.  An interesting talk on Santorin by Miss Salter followed an extremely long break, and I am looking forward to our visit there even more now.  We were given our Greek money during classrooms.  I chose to take 100 drachma.  Afterwards we had another lecture on Greek art.  Two girls from our dormitory went to the shops to stock up with drinks for our trip to Heraklion tomorrow.

The evening's entertainment consisted of a fancy dress parade.  Loads of people went in for it.  Fiona dressed up as Maggie May and Sue and Kim went as Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue.  A boy who went as The Legacy of Greek Art won and Chris Tucker who went as Miss "Uganda" came second.  Although no one in our dorm won a prize, they got a bar of chocolate.  For the first time, I went to bed early, so I didn't miss the 30 mins put forward.

Navigational Log:
0400-0800 Morning Watch
0630 Vessel position checked by celestial observations.  0704 Sunrise.  Navigation lights off.  Look outs dismissed.

1200-1600 Afternoon Watch
1000 Emergency stations practice.  1020 Manual steering gear checked from aft. 

1600-2000 Dog Watches
1735 Sunset. 

2000-2359 First Watch
Vessel sighted C. Apolitares, Northwest Crete.

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