Thursday, May 10, 2012

S.S. UGANDA Cruise Personal Log, Ninth Day

Yes, I'm publishing this on the 10th, a day late; I'm busy and exceptionally tired in real life too!  My mum always said to go through everything I write and remove all "verys" and I see what she means: there are 7 "verys" in this entry.  Two important facts: (a) I mention modern-day toilets so I guess my digestive system has always been a vacation issue, and (b) this was my first experience of driving on mountain roads and I only talk about the driver's horn and not that I was terrified...TERRIFIED!  I'm touched that the Greek men gave us sultanas and now wonder if this had some special meaning. Did I tell you that Heraklion is on the Greek island of Crete? 

Heraklion, Crete

Personal Log: Ninth Day

For the first time, we got 10 marks for our dormitory!  We were woken up at 0700 and disembarked at 0900 hours.  I needed a travel sickness pill which worked very well.  We first went to Knossos (which is one of the seven wonders of the world) and, with the help of a very pleasant guide, found it very interesting.  Following this, we were taken to the museum at Heraklion, which was enjoyable, what we saw of it!  We rushed in and rushed out again!  The Greek roads are very bumpy; I noticed.  We stopped at St. Titus' Chapel at Gortyne and the Roman Odean too, along the road, and look at the Dorian Laws carved on the wall.  We had dinner on the beach then went to Phaestus.  It was very peaceful here and had a beautiful view.  I wasn't very impressed with the modern-day toilets.  The journey back was all along mountain roads and the driver used his horn alot!  Having got back to Heraklion, we went to the tourist shops which were still open although it was quite late.  I bought a ring, a pendants and a very pretty, cheap bracelet.  When we got back to the ship (having lost Fiona on the way!) some Greek men gave us all a packet of Greek sultanas as a souvenir of our visit.  In the evening we went to a sing-sing then retired to bed.

Navigational Log:

0100-0400 Middle Watch
0300 Vessel passing C. Stavros to starboard. 

0400-0800 Morning Watch
0530 Vessel sighted Heraklion.  Vessel to hand steering.  Vessel to commander's orders.  0547 Stand by below, all ready below.  0554 Pilot on board.  0555 Stations for and aft.  0606 Tug fast forward.  0613 Vessel approaching berth, starboard side.  0621 Line ashore fore and aft.  0632 Lines and one spring fast fore and aft.  0636 Rung off main engines. 

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  1. Now I have recalled that Sultanas are grapes. You're making me want to go to Greece, which I absolutely must do before the whole of it is sold off in the name of austerity. I'm guessing it is rather different now than in your journal, but maybe not? Have you been back?

    Thanks to people like you who fill the web with VERY interesting, amusing and informative articles