Thursday, May 3, 2012

S.S. UGANDA Cruise Personal Log, Third Day

Obviously the academic powers-that-be on board expected us to do school work as usual, (pleased to see I enjoyed the lectures) and deck games were a regular event (not sure about them.)  There was a fun fair?  On an educational cruise?  What?!  I picture big wheels, roller coasters, dodgem cars mais ce n'est pas possible!  No Royal Caribbean Cruise line here; this was an ex-cargo ship from the British India Steam Navigation Co. (B.I.) and inside it looked like, well, a school: dormitories, cafeteria, libraries, classrooms, common rooms and decks for friggin' games.  If I find cruise pals on FB, I'll ask.  I recollect warm cocoa and biscuits being served for 'supper' before the 9:30 curfew.  Actually, I seem altogether quite upbeat on the whole food and beverage operation!  Please note that, according to the Navigational Log, I was steering the ship myself.

Bound from Southampton to Gibraltar

Personal Log: Third Day

Today we were given our money to sort out for our trip to Gibraltar tomorrow.  Our first period was in "Swift."  The weather was getting better when we went to Private Study.  Afterwards we filed into the assembly for a lecture on Gibraltar, which was well illustrated with slides.  Dinner again was of high standard.  Then we went to "Swift" again for classrooms.  During deck games (we were playing skittles), land was sighted (Portugal).  Deck games broke up gradually as people went to the windows to see the land.

We finished lessons early so we had plenty of time to write up log books and finish half written letters.  Most of us took a long time getting ready for the fun fair that was held in the evening.  It turned out to be quite enjoyable and I was happily tired when I fell asleep.

Navigational Log:
0001-0400 Middle Watch
Rounded Cape Villane at 200 on the way to Berlenga Island (1600)

0800-1200 Forenoon Watch
We will reach Mondega.

1200-1600 Afternoon Watch
A fishing boat passed us at 14:45.  We passed the coastline of Portugal.  Vessel passing Berlenga Island to starboard.

1600-2000 Dog Watches
We will pass the Tagus Estuary off Lisbon at 1900 hrs.  Passing Cape Roca to port 18:42.  Sunset.  Navigation lights on.

2000-2359 First Watch
At midnight we will be nearing Cape St. Vincent and setting course for Gibraltar.

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