Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On the 16th Day of Advent, 2014


Oh no, Santa's lost his hat!

We'd better come back this way later to see if we can help.

Walking by St. Cross, just outside Winchester, St. Catherine's Hill in the distance

"Maybe Father Christmas lives here?" "Don't be silly, he lives at the North Pole!"

Beautiful winter berries and evergreens

St. Cross Hospital through the local allotments
Heavenly winter sky over the allotments
Winter weeping willow down the lane by St. Faith's

Walking to Winchester through water meadows over Winchester College land
Alongside the college cricket grounds. Winchester Cathedral in the distance.
River Itchen running high this year.

Locks on the River Itchen which runs through the Water Meadows
We thought we saw a heron but it didn't come out in the photo
Gorgeous winter countryside in Winchester

A swan resolutely swimming against the flow of the high water
Very high water along the Weirs towards down-town Winchester.
Nearly at the City Mill, looking back at the fast flowing Weirs

At the Christmas Market, I can't help myself and become part of the Nativity scene.
Passing behind Winchester Cathedral, I spot a traditional Christmas window

Nearly home, we leave Santa's hat on a pole for next year

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