Tuesday, March 1, 2016


To celebrate I LOVE READING!, I recently presented at Pillow Elementary, a wonderful multicultural school, and also my local. I pass it every day when I walk. After the event, I was thrilled to get a nice testimonial from the faculty, and along with it, a packet of Thank Yous from the students. I love reading notes from children I've presented to. Since I performed for them around February 14, some were combined with a Valentine message: extra joy! Among the precious comments, here are a few gems, a few of them bluntly honest, for your enjoyment.

You are nice and active.

Thank you so much for reading to us. I love you so much, Mrs. Nason.

Thank you for reading us a story. I like when the hugs started.

I like the two parts...when you sing a song and you make us laugh.

Thank you Ms. Nason for your two plays.

Thank you for the three stories.

To the Best Reader on earth. THE BEST!

Thanks for telling us those awesome stories and for acting it out. Really, those stories were cool and long.

THANK YOU, Ms. Nason. Also, since you're from the UK, have you seen the Mallard steam locomotive? It looks like this (great drawing of a train). Answer here: ______________

Pillow Elementary Principal and PTA representative

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