Monday, April 9, 2012

An Easter to Remember

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, April 8.  Five years ago, Easter Sunday also fell on April 8.  I know because it was the day my mother died. 

If you've been reading this blog, you know I'm wading through 30 years' worth of correspondence from my mum.  She even wrote when I was on a school-sponsored Mediterranean cruise.  I was 14 and it was the treat of my young life costing GBP 65, a small fortune which took Mum 6 months to pay.  Thus, to celebrate my lovely Mum, and acknowledge mothers everywhere for their many sacrifices, here's that 40 year-old letter.  Not sure what everything means but I've put my ideas in brackets.

To Miss B. Nason
Burton Dormitory
SS "Uganda" Cruise 255
c/o W. Morphy & Son
Evep Building
Navarinou Street
Piraeus GREECE

28th October 1971

Dear Bernie,

This is the first letter I have ever written to you and with two days' news from Winchester, you can imagine with what excitement I put pen to paper.  Quite right!  None at all.  Absolutely nothing has happened.

As far I am concerned, my class has just made kaleidoscopes, not one of which works.  I never expected them to do so anyway.  Your sister is in a seventh heaven with her first ballet lesson tonight but don't spread it about as she's a bit embarrassed about it.  She is getting her kit from her bank (birthday) money.  Your brother thinks he may pass his m/c (motorcycle?) exam after all, because, as he says, he's so great.

That's a very rude magazine you've been hogging to yourself upstairs.  (Cosmopolitan?)  I had a good look at it the other night.  I suppose it isn't the school mag?

I'll ask someone in Elm Road to run screaming (naked, of course) through the streets to give you a bit of news for next time.

Love, Mum

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