Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tea and Other Things in Tripoli

I don't thank Col. Gaddafi for many things but I will acknowledge that he's given me fodder for many of my stories, and for this, my first official blog post.  

When I read early this morning that Big G, as my fellow expats and I used to call him, had been found (in Sirte, Libya) and injured, the first thing I did...I'm serious...was reach for my passport to make sure it was in-hand should I need to flee the country.  Then I remembered I was in Austin, Texas, making flight, at this point at least, unnecessary.  The passport-in-hand habit is a hard one to break.

Later this morning, I was corresponding on-line with European colleagues about the possibility of performing TEA IN TRIPOLI at a conference next year in Washington DC and also taking it to an English-speaking theatre in The Hague (Netherlands) and maybe even a theatre in London.  I mentioned that I'd been waiting for Gaddafi to die (i.e. I'd be more comfortable performing Libyan stories if he were dead) before I took the show outside the US.  Next thing I know, the BBC reports that Gaddafi has been killed.  Boy, I'm one powerful woman.

My ex-husband, John just called to say, "Kind, beloved ex-wife, please never wish me dead.."

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